Publication Submission Requirements: actively seeks business publications that may be of interest to those conducting research and business users in general. Publications must meet the following collection criteria:

  • URLs must be a direct link to a publication. URLs will be rejected if they link to homepages, indexes, personal profiles, sales information, or anything that is not deemed to be a business publication by our editors. 
  •  Please submit publications that have a contextual relation to the general business knowledge structure. URLs  submitted not on topic, or identified as having little to offer site users will be rejected.  
  • Submissions must be a URL linked to a document in HTML format. Publications in PDF format should be submitted using an HTML formatted title page that leads to the PDF document.
  • Submissions must be freely available and without any expense to the user. 
  • Submission content must be of a business issue, business challenge, or of a theoretical nature. While we actively seek submissions reflecting “business experience” in context, is not a “business news” or “product sales” service. takes a “collection development” approach to developing this site. reserves the right to refuse any material we deem to be of “low value” to our target audience of corporate users and business researchers. Our site is more valuable to users because we follow these guidelines.   

BPubs Recommended Links:

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