October, 17 2000

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the K2B business 
publications update. My name is Steve Matthews, and 
as the owner of BPubs.com, a Business Librarian / Web 
Developer, and an avid reader of any "Business Rag" 
I can get my hands on, I'm glad to have you aboard ! 

Having visited the BPubs website and signed up for 
K2B sometime over the summer, you are obviously 
interested in web publications that can help focus 
the direction of your own company, or develop 
strategy for the business you work for. I'm hoping 
this update service will help you.

Oh... and please remember - BPubs is a free service. 
If you enjoy the business links, and it makes a difference
in your internet experience, all I ask is for your 
participation. Forward this update to a friend, frequent
the site, or let me know how I can make BPubs better! 

Thanks, Steve

BPubs Category: Knowledge Management
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/ms/km 

TITLE: Unleash Your Ideavirus
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=1690
DESCRIPTION: Here's a big idea: Ideas are driving 
the economy. Here's a bigger idea: Ideas that spread 
fastest win. 
AUTHOR: Seth Godin 
PUBLISHER: Fast Company
EDITORS NOTE: If you didn't catch Seth Godin's 
Ideavirus article over the summer, this is a must read. 
An important publication in the realm of Viral Marketing.

BPubs Category: Leadership
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/ms/l 

TITLE: Can We Really Train Leadership?
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=177
DESCRIPTION: Leadership programs offer everything 
from white-water rafting to encounter groups. But do 
they really train leaders? 
AUTHOR: Jay Conger 
PUBLISHER: Booz - Allen & Hamilton  (Strategy-business.com)

BPubs Category: Internet & E-commerce Recruiting
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/iec/r 

TITLE: Recruiting the Right People 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2168
DESCRIPTION: Finding it hard to hire quality workers 
who are a good fit for your organization? The recruiting 
game isn't what it used to be, particularly when it comes 
to hiring high-tech workers.  
AUTHOR: Edward Wakin
PUBLISHER: Beyondcomputing.com

BPubs Category: Entrepreneur Startups
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/e/su 

TITLE: Dumb Companies Get Smart 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2172
DESCRIPTION: Hung-over venture capitalists, 
dot-commers, and investors are waking up to the 
temple-pounding realization that simply putting "i," 
"e" or "dot-com" on the front door doesn't replace 
business basics.
AUTHOR: Cathy Benko
PUBLISHER: Business 2.0

BPubs Category: Internet & E-commerce Advertising
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/iec/a 

TITLE: And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2171
DESCRIPTION: They're not flashy, they're not cheap, 
they're not a quick hit. But sponsorships give offline 
companies a lot of online marketing exposure. 
AUTHOR: Toni Logan
PUBLISHER: Business 2.0

TITLE: The Three P's of Online Advertising  
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2170
DESCRIPTION: Now that advertisers have such short 
time horizons, online media buyers are beginning to 
realize that they have to use what Adam calls the three 
P's of online marketing: pay per performance. 
AUTHOR: Adam Posman    

BPubs Category: Internet & E-commerce Strategies & Models
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/iec/sm 

TITLE: 21st Century CIOs: Building New Business Models 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2159
DESCRIPTION: As the 21st century dawns, CIO's find 
themselves shaping more than technology systems. They 
are, in fact, key architects of new business models that 
are based largely on e-business technologies. 
AUTHOR: Nick Wreden        
PUBLISHER: Beyondcomputing.com

BPubs Category: Finanace & Accounting - Bookkeeping
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/fa/b 

TITLE: Record Keeping in a Small Business  
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=79
DESCRIPTION: Need some basic advice on 
setting up a useful record keeping system? This 
publication describes how. 
AUTHOR: Donald A. Cordano
PUBLISHER: U.S. Small Business Administration 

BPubs Category: Finanace & Accounting - 
Receivables Management
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/fa/rm 

TITLE: Accounts Receivable: How to Tame the Beast
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=224
DESCRIPTION: You don't want to wrestle with 
your accounts receivables - You just want to 
tame them. 
AUTHOR: Dun & Bradstreet     
PUBLISHER: Dun & Bradstreet      

TITLE: Going With the Credit Flow
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=982
DESCRIPTION: With credit sources shoring up the 
lending stream, companies are deciding if now is a 
good time to negotiate ample, but expensive, long-
term lines of credit. 
AUTHOR: Richard H. Gamble         
PUBLISHER: Businessfinancemag.com 


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