February 28, 2001

EDITOR: Steven Matthews, MLIS

Knowledge to Business (K2B) is an update service
for business owners and professionals. Twice a 
month you will be e-mailed links for business articles 
that have stood out as submissions to BPubs.com
[ URL: http://www.bpubs.com ]. 


I've received a number of questions regarding the 
"BPubs" name. Typically people will wonder "If you 
index articles why do you call them publications?"
Good question... and while the answer sometimes
includes "because BArticles sounds strange",  the
real answer is that I'm hoping BPubs will evolve 
beyond written discourse. 

As the web becomes more multimedia driven, I can 
index video seminars, audio presentations, or any 
other format that business content takes. The common 
element here is that different types of business content 
will be "published" on the web. Hence the "pubs" part 
of BPubs. 
Enjoy this weeks articles ;-)   Steve


BPubs Category: Merger & Acquisition
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/e/ma

TITLE:  It's Time to Talk Turkey 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2991
DESCRIPTION: So how, exactly, should you negotiate 
a letter of intent and a definitive agreement? The 
author lays out a point-by-point guide, from the 
sellerís perspective. 
AUTHOR:  Fredric Tannenbaum and Marilyn Spracker       
PUBLISHER: Business Law Today      

BPubs Category: Leadership
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/ms/l

TITLE:  Prophet sharing with Peter Drucker 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=3003
DESCRIPTION: Peter Drucker pontificates 
about the world beyond the information 
AUTHOR:  Mark Williams           
PUBLISHER: Red Herring Magazine 
EDITORS NOTE: Read the first line, the man
is 90 years old. Think we've got enough out of
the man? wow... signed, humble fan.

TITLE:  Beyond the Cult of the CEO: Building 
Institutional Leadership 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=3014
DESCRIPTION: Why do some companies 
flourish but others founder after the charismatic 
CEO leaves? A World Economic Forum/Booz-Allen 
& Hamilton study finds that the most effective firms 
make leadership more than a solo act.  
AUTHOR:  Bruce A. Pasternack, Thomas D. Williams, 
and Paul F. Anderson               
PUBLISHER: Strategy-business.com  

BPubs Category: SOHO & Small Business Outsourcing
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/ssb/o

TITLE: Raise Your Rates
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=3000
DESCRIPTION: The difference between you and 
Yuan Meng is that Meng takes in about half a million 
dollars a year, and you probably don't. Five contractors 
who command top dollar tell how they do it.
AUTHOR:  David S. Bernstein    
PUBLISHER: CPuniverse.com 

BPubs Category: Change Management
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/ms/cm

TITLE: The Model 2 Organization: Making Your 
Company Safe for Zealots    
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=3013
DESCRIPTION: Centralized management still 
confounds corporations that need to be fast and 
flexible. There's a way to move from Taylorism to 
Welchism - but it means rejecting command-and-control.
AUTHOR: Paul F. Kocourek and Paul Hyde     
PUBLISHER: : Strategy-business.com

BPubs Category: Taxation
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/fa/t

TITLE: Let's Have a Safe and Sane Tax Cut  
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=3034
DESCRIPTION: Considering the probable size of 
the cut, the battle to see who gets the biggest piece 
should be epic. The last big Republican tax cut, 20 
years ago, was not a pretty sight. 
AUTHOR:  David Hardesty            
PUBLISHER: Ecommercetax.com

BPubs Category: Knowledge Management
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/ms/km 

TITLE: In the Know 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2954
DESCRIPTION: Knowledge management leaves 
the cloisters of corporate strategy for the wider 
world of value-chain collaboration. 
AUTHOR: Ken Cottrill                              
PUBLISHER: eCFOnet.com  

BPubs Category: Entrepreneur - Public Company
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/e/pc 

TITLE: Questions at Stockholders' Meetings  
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=3063
DESCRIPTION: Many factors have played a role 
in shifting business operations dramatically over 
the past decade. Access to real-time, enterprise-
wide information, expanded globalization, and 
changing financial and social priorities are creating 
new and diversified challenges for management.  
AUTHOR: Deloitte & Touche                                  
PUBLISHER: Deloitte & Touche  


You may have caught the BPubs homepage tagline
and wondered "what's that all about?"  Well... BPubs 
is crusading for a miniature revolution in the way 
search engines work - it's called "Content Indexing". 
You can read more about why indexing 'only content'
may become a trend in the way search engines are 
changing at the BPubs "about this site" page. 

URL: http://www.bpubs.com/info/about.htm 

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