February 15, 2001

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BPubs Category: Marketing & Sales - Branding
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/mrk/b

TITLE: Clarity Across Cultures 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2978
DESCRIPTION: American companies trying to sell 
goods overseas sometimes really blow it. The most 
widely known example is Chevrolet, which stumbled 
big time when it introduced its Nova model in Latin 
America: "No va" in Spanish means "no go." 
AUTHOR: Business 2.0 
PUBLISHER: Business 2.0 

BPubs Category: Merger & Acquisition
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/e/ma

TITLE:  NCR's Speed Demons
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2964
DESCRIPTION: How does a slow-moving company 
get faster? It buys a young, fast-moving company 
and lets their executives pick up the pace. 
AUTHOR:  Anna Muoio 
PUBLISHER: Fast Company 

BPubs Category: Knowledge Management
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/ms/km 

TITLE: Knowledge management strategies that 
create value 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2954
DESCRIPTION: There is no one-size-fits-all way to 
effectively tap a firm's intellectual capital. To create 
value, companies must focus on how knowledge is 
used to build critical capabilities. 
AUTHORS:  Leigh P. Donoghue, Jeanne G. Harris 
and Bruce E. Weitzman 
PUBLISHER:  Accenture 

BPubs Category: Intranet Development
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/iec/id

TITLE: Controlling the Outbreak of Renegade 
Web Sites on Your Intranet 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2941
DESCRIPTION: Because software vendors are 
making their Web-server products easily available 
to willing wannabe Webmasters, it is becoming 
increasingly difficult to lend credibility to a corporate 
AUTHOR: Paul I. Tao 
PUBLISHER: Intranet Design Magazine 

BPubs Category: Information Technology
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/i/it

TITLE: Lowdown on the Slowdown 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2933
DESCRIPTION: Technology budgets are getting 
hit so hard in 2001, it's starting to feel like the 
mid-80s again. 
AUTHOR: David Willis 
PUBLISHER: Network Computing 

BPubs Category: Project Management
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/ms/pm

TITLE: Optimizing Project Success by Matching 
PM Style with Project Type 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2931
DESCRIPTION: In the paper you will find well 
argued theses based on more than half a decade 
of research. These lead to practical conclusions 
that can be applied to any kind of project with a 
view to improving the probability of a successful 
outcome. (PDF File)
AUTHOR:  A. J. Shenhar and R. Max Wideman 
PUBLISHER: PMforum.org

BPubs Category: Change Management
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/ms/cm

TITLE: When Small Companies Implement Big Systems 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2926
DESCRIPTION: When this small company 
implemented an ERP system they had limited 
resources and nine challenges facing them. 
AUTHOR: Robert G. Eshelman, Paul E. Juras, 
and Thomas C. Taylor 
PUBLISHER: Strategic Finance 

BPubs Category: Internet & E-commerce Recruiting 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/iec/r

TITLE: Age Discrimination Law for High-Tech Companies 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2924
DESCRIPTION: The Age Discrimination in Employment 
Act ("ADEA") makes it illegal for some employers to 
make certain hiring and firing decisions based on 
an individual's age.
AUTHOR:  Douglas M. Towns 
PUBLISHER: Gigalaw.com 

BPubs Category: Taxation
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/d/fa/t

TITLE: The Draw of Economic Development 
URL: http://www.bpubs.com/cgi/jump.cgi?ID=2901
DESCRIPTION: Corporations shopping for locations 
for major facilities can get unprecedented financial 
incentives from state and local governments. But 
how much taxpayer money can companies take 
before it looks more like 'corporate welfare' than an 
economic win for both sides? 
AUTHOR:  Richard H. Gamble 
PUBLISHER: Businessfinancemag.com


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