Mission Statement

BPubs.com is a directory based Internet search engine that strives to cover the topic of Business Publications. By eliminating the noise of “homepages, index pages, and other extraneous web site components”, our users are able to extract what they truly searching for – content. Our target audience of corporate and business users will become repeat visitors because we save them time finding the information they need.

What’s wrong with the Search Engines?

  • The Internet Search Engines index too many pages.  The use of robot technology to “spider” web sites, as well as the inability of webmasters to adequately use the “robots.txt” standard, has led to a proliferation of unneeded content that pollutes their databases. 
  • The need for  “hands-on” indexing has not been properly addressed  by most of the Internet Search Engines. The open directory movement and the directory based indexes represent important strides, but this evolution must be taken further. 

  • The Search Engines require an excessive amount of time and effort to weed out quality content. Users entering search terms are bombarded with tens of thousands of possible content matches. When the user clicks on a possible site match, the productivity clock continues to “tick” as the user follows the hyperlink trail only to find the eventual information to be of little use, or to find a cleverly disguised sales pitch (i.e. no content whatsoever).

How can Information Access be Improved on the Internet? 

A new generation of  search engines must emerge – Niche Search Engines, Content Engines, Topical Collections; call them what you will, a narrower focus on Internet content must be achieved. In the future, we believe the following trends must emerge :

  1. Content Collections will be developed on the basis of user audience and purpose. Picking an audience and sticking with that audience will enable Web Sites to narrow the amount and quality of available content. 

  3. Content Collections will impose limitations on the format and topics of the content collected. A site may limit its collection by a “file format” such as  MP3’s; or collect content that meet certain “structural criteria” such as “short stories” of more than 1500 words. 

  5. A formal Collection Policy will be posted and adhered to in defining submission and selection criteria. If Web Sites are going to mimic the traditional purpose of Libraries and Librarians, the least they can do is follow the same guidelines and methodology that have been around for thousands of years. 

  7. Sites will conduct “Proactive Collection Development”. Rather than simply waiting for appropriate submissions of content, Collection Developers will take part in the search process and build their collections to reduce their users search time. 

Where does BPubs.com fit in?

BPubs.com has embraced the “Collection Development” approach, placing standards on the site’s content selection criteria. 

Our site has been developed with the “Business User” in mind –   an audience that certainly can appreciate the value of time. Our audience can include anyone from Small Business Owners to the CEO’s of major corporations, and can  vary from those interested in starting a Business, to those conducting academic research at a major University. Ultimately, our audience is interested in the challenges of “business success”. 

Our collection is made up of Business Publications and longer Articles. The source of these publications can vary greatly: from Government Agencies, to online Business Zines, to Consulting companies making their expertise available for public consumption. Best of all, we won’t index a publication unless it’s available free of charge. 

Our niche is to direct business users to quality business content.  For businesses providing content, we offer a new method of marketing a firm’s expertise – through its publications. Unlike marketing a website, submitting publications can gather a highly targeted audience. For the end user, expertise and research is offered for free; and if you’re looking for help, what better way to evaluate expertise than to review a paper written by a potential consultant.

BPubs.com is simply dedicated to better access of business information on the Internet.

About Steven Matthews

BPubs.com was developed and is maintained by Steven Matthews. Steve is the Founder & Principal at Stem Legal; he also maintains the Vancouver Law Librarian Blog. As a professional Law Librarian with an active interest in business research and search engines, Steve launched BPubs in 1999 as an experiment into content level indexing. BPubs now consistently helps out 40,000 business visitors each month.

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