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  • Computing In Small Business - A breakdown of options available for a small business in terms of basic computing/networking.
    Publisher: Clay Berlo Author: Clay Berlo

  • Concrete or Sand: Small Biz Tech Fundamentals - There's a lot of technology being thrown at the small business person - LINUX, DSL, hosted applications, mobile computing, Windows 2000 and more. A technology expert advises on the importance of putting your business technology know-how on concrete, and not on sand.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides Author: Ramon Ray

  • Cut Us Some Slack - Unless you're careful, you could end up using technology to increase your employees' efficiency while hurting productivity.
    Publisher: Author: Tom Davenport

  • Does Application Hosting Make Sense For You? - An application service provider may be a good choice for your company if, for example, you have few IT resources, rapid time to market is important, or competitive pressure requires the use of sophisticated applications.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance Author: Robert Lavery

  • E-Storefront Options for Small Businesses - You need a fully functional commerce site for your small business and you need it pronto. Evany takes you through the different storefront apps you can use to make it so.
    Publisher: Author: Evany Thomas

  • Ecommerce on a Budget - Have you ever thought about having a Web server for your small business, but you just didn't think you could afford it?
    Publisher: Web Developers Journal Author: Donald King

  • Fax It? Forget It! - Does any hardware device feel slower and clunkier than the fax machine? Here's how to be 100% fax-free.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: John R. Quain

  • Find High Tech in the Bargain Basement - The great IT spending stampede has passed. Now it's time to scour the wreckage for bargains, wherever they may be found.
    Publisher: Business 2.0 Author: Brian Caulfield

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