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  • 10 Simple Ways to Lower Your Small Business Computer Support Bills This Summer - In these challenging economic times, your small business still needs e-mail, Internet access, and a basic suite of office automation applications. Use this issue's How-To "Tips" as a springboard for planning how you can lower your small business computer support bills this summer.
    Publisher: Author: Joshua Feinberg

  • A Blackout Primer - For many businesses, it's a when, not an if. Here's how to survive your own energy crisis.
    Publisher: Business 2.0 Author: Todd Lappin

  • A Failure to Communicate - User interfaces are notoriously tricky, but new research projects could reinvent the way we communicate with our computers.
    Publisher: Author: Niall McKay

  • All Talk, All the Time - Can speech recognition systems deliver real business benefits?
    Publisher: Author: Scott Kirsner

  • Are ASPs for you? - As the trend toward outsourcing applications continues, speed and overall cost savings will increase. To uncover an ASP's true ROI potential, you'll have to conduct a stringent efficiency analysis.
    Publisher: Financial Executive Online Edition Author: Tim McCarthy

  • Best of All Worlds - Companies that gain the greatest returns from their IT investment decisions establish management structures that integrate the best that finance and IT have to offer.
    Publisher: Author: Judith Trotsky

  • Built to Last - In today's fast-changing world, strategies that take years to develop can be dashed in a minute. Here's how to make them endure.
    Publisher: Author: Patricia Wallington

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