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  • No Experience Required - By surrounding herself with experts, can this business owner write a success story with her obscure tea drink?
    Publisher: Inc. Online Author: Bianchi, Alessandra

  • One Vendor, Many Solutions - An integrated outsourcing approach to HR functions -- moving all or many activities to a single vendor -- produces substantial cost savings while enabling HR staff to focus on supporting strategic goals.
    Publisher: Author: Joanne Sammer

  • Outpacing the Competition With Outsourcing - In this new business era, companies that focus on core competencies and embrace outsourcing have a built-in business advantage.
    Publisher: Area Development Online Author: Richard J. Maturi

  • Outsource Infrastructure? - Managed services providers handle various facets of a client's IT operations, from network performance to disk-space availability.
    Publisher: Author: Alix Nyberg

  • Outsourcing -- Establishing a Winning Approach - As companies attempt to focus on core competencies many are considering outsourcing various aspects of their in-house operations.
    Publisher: Q/P Management Group Author: Scott Goldfarb and Roger Heller

  • Outsourcing Levels the Field - Hiring outsiders to run certain functions can help you be more nimble, and compete.
    Publisher: Forbes Small Business Author: Maria Atanasov

  • Outsourcing Moves up the Ladder - Outsourcing has moved beyond professional and technical jobs and is nipping at the heels of all but the most senior executives. And pressures to move outsourced functions to cheaper locations are escalating. The upside is major cost savings; the downside is the trauma of change.
    Publisher: Author: Fay Hansen

  • Outsourcing Release 2.0: Outsourcing's Transformation to an Information and Processing Backbone - Over the past year, major developments in outsourcing have occurred, holding strong implications for the future. New providers, new types of services, and new relationship structures have made this past year a landmark in outsourcing's development as a business tool for the new, virtually integrated corporation.
    Publisher: Author: By: Michael F. Corbett & Associates

  • Outsourcing Vendor Selection - Outsourcing is no longer viewed as a short-term 'band-aid' solution to cost-cutting and hiring, but as a strategic decision to partner with best-of-breed companies to strategiclly focus on internal core competencies. To make this happen, outsourcing vendor selection is more important than ever. This whitepaper elucidates aspects that should be borne is mind while evaluating an outsourcing vendor.
    Publisher: Hughes Software Systems Author: Shanker Sareen

  • Outsourcing Your Web Marketing - Thinking about outsourcing your web marketing? This article offers advice on how to choose a consultant and what to expect after the contract is signed.
    Publisher: Philippa Gamse Author: Philippa Gamse

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