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  • A Pact for Differences - Peter Bendor-Samuel discusses the importance of partnership in an outsourcing relationship.
    Publisher: Outsourcing Journal     Author: Peter Bendor-Samuel   

  • A “Cyber” Staffing Solution for Small Businesses - Learn how a newly-emerging field called Virtual Assistance is coming to the rescue of scores of overworked – and overwhelmed – small business owners!
    Publisher:     Author: Christina Morfeld   

  • ASPs: Changing Information Technology Delivery - Application service providers use the Internet to provide clients with everything from e-mail to enterprise resource planning. As more companies move to cut technology expenses CFOs are asking: What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing technology?
    Publisher: Strategic Finance     Author: David J. Castellani   

  • Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse - Renting an ERP system is a natural for companies that can’t afford a big up-front investment and lack the IT staff to manage complex applications.
    Publisher:     Author: Samuel Greengard   

  • Boy, That Was Fast! - After Pandesic's failure last summer, that sound you hear is the popping of the ASP bubble.
    Publisher:     Author: Christopher Koch   

  • Break It Up! - A bill to prevent defense contract "bundling" could help small firms get more business.
    Publisher: Entrepreneur Magazine Online     Author: Stephen Barlas   

  • Can We Share? - So many vendor-customer gainsharing relationships bring more pain than gain. Find out how one company is bucking that far.
    Publisher:     Author: Heather Baukney   

  • Cementing Solid Service - Service level agreements have become an essential part of outsourcing technology functions over the Internet. Companies that fashion solid SLAs can minimize the risks and maximize the results of e-business.
    Publisher:     Author: Samuel Greengard   

  • Classic Outsourcing Blunders - We've been doing it for more than 25 years. Why are we still doing it wrong?
    Publisher:     Author: Lauren Gibbons Paul   

  • Commerce Services Start to Take Hold - Outsourcing your e-commerce operations can be a complicated and daunting process. But with the help of Philip's criteria for choosing a commerce service provider (CSP), the investment could mean greater dividends for your company.
    Publisher:     Author: Philip Say   

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