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  • Building Social Marketing into Your Program - First-time social marketers often feel overwhelmed by the rigorous market research processes they see in other large-scale programs.
    Publisher: Pertinent Information Ltd. Author: Nedra Kline Weinreich

  • Choosing a Public Relations Firm - Turning to an outside PR firm or contractor can be wise for small businesses, even if it costs more overall.
    Publisher: Author: Mie-Yun Lee

  • Clone Your Best Customers - Two businesses -- a women's clothing boutique and a mail-order operation -- recently consulted me about the same dilemma. Each had achieved satisfying sales through channels that didn't allow for further growth.
    Publisher: Author: Marcia Yudkin

  • Color Primer for Interactive Marketers - Which colors look best on a Web site? How much color should be used? How will the color look on different monitors? Does the color match the site's theme?
    Publisher: Author: Dan Soine

  • Common Marketing Mistakes to Avoid - Marketing is a key ingredient and it is important to be aware to the common mistakes usually made. How many of the following mistakes in marketing have you made?
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides Author: Jacqueline Edwards

  • Complaining Customers Are Good for Business - Remember the Coca-Cola marketing disaster a few years ago? Their follow-up research revealed that only one unhappy customer in 50 takes time to complain. The other 49 just quietly switch brands.
    Publisher: SOHO America Author: Bob Leduc

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