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  • How to Set-up a Home Office - Establishing and maintaining a home office requires a healthy dose of the five P's (Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performances).
    Publisher:     Author: Linda Novey-White   

  • Interior Motives - Whatever your budget, a stylish home office can be yours. Check out these ideas for giving your work space a face lift.
    Publisher: Home Office Magazine     Author: Liz Seymour   

  • Millions Move to the Home Office - Telecommuting is in—and it’s ideal for the exhausted commuter—but this veteran freelancer says you’d better be prepared with the tools, software, furniture, and equipment you’ll need to function effectively.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance     Author: Daniel M. Hrisak   

  • PC Hardware Warranty Upgrades --- Are they still worth it? - A few years ago, before hardware prices had dropped so rapidly, it still made sense to purchase 3-year warranty options across the board on desktop PCs, notebooks, and servers.
    Publisher:     Author: Joshua Feinberg   

  • Protect Your Home Office - Disasters from fire to data glitches can wreak havoc on your home office and your business. Don't take chances -- protect your business from any forms of mishap.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Lyve Alexis Pleshette   

  • Proven Principles in Creating a Home Office - Many home-based entrepreneurs have no clue how to turn a room into a workspace. There are no guidelines on how to set-up and organize a home office: the equipments needed, where to put these equipments, how long the worktables and cabinets should be. Here are the proven principles to keep in mind when putting together a home office that works.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Lyve Alexis Pleshette   

  • Quiet, Please - Reducing the noise level in your homebased office
    Publisher:     Author: Lynn H. Colwell   

  • Self Employment Tips On Lowering Your Health Care Costs - Article that outlines simple but effective ways one can reduce their out-of-pocket health care expenses. This is especially useful for those who cannot afford traditional health insurance.
    Publisher: Dominic Messina     Author: Dominic Messina   

  • Setting Up A Home Office for Multiple Users - Not all home business owners work solo. If you are one of the thousands who work at home with their spouses, children, business partners, or employees, learn how to create a home office for multiple users.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Lyve Alexis Pleshette   

  • Setting Up Your Home Office - Tips for setting up a successful office in your home.
    Publisher:     Author: Danielle Hollister   

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