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  • Leveraging the Strategic Nature of Procurement - The traditional role of procurement management is to ensure that there is a supply of materials to support a business's operations and save money in the process.
    Publisher: Logistics & Supply Chain Journal     Author: Bernard Trottier   

  • Manufacturers' Dilemma: To Sell or Not to Sell Directly - The Internet is troublesome to manufacturers, threatening to overturn the carefully nurtured network of distributors and dealers they've used for decades.
    Publisher:     Author: Dr. Ralph F. Wilson   

  • Migrating to Export Financing - Organizations that develop effective export financing practices know how to tap banks, government agencies and other resources to minimize their risks and ratchet up profits.
    Publisher:     Author: David Schmidt   

  • Need an Overseas Distributor? - Without a good one, exporting is next to impossible. Here´s how to make the right choice.
    Publisher: Fortune Small Business     Author: Jeffrey Rothfeder   

  • Rookie Rules - Scoring a small distributor - Steve Niewulis played in the minor leagues for the New York Yankees before injuries... Not wanting to give up baseball, Niewulis, decided to combine his baseball talents with a clever idea and create a business that's since taken him to the big leagues.
    Publisher:     Author: Don Debelak   

  • SBA Guide to Exporting - The U.S. Small Business Administration"s (SBA) Office of International Trade (OIT) developed this Trade Guide as an information tool to assist American business develop international markets.
    Publisher: U.S. Small Business     Author: U.S. Small Business   

  • Shipping smart pays - For those wanting to upgrade their freight management capabilities, here's a quick look at what's available on the market today.
    Publisher: Materials Management & Distribution     Author: Robert Robertson   

  • The Exporter's Handbook - Practical guide to export transaction - from packing and pricing to documentary credits and INCOTERMS.
    Publisher: Lidija Rangelovska Narcissus Publications     Author: Sam Vaknin   

  • The Exporters' Handbook - A guide to international trading
    Publisher: Narcissus Publications     Author: Dr. Sam Vaknin   

  • The Hard Knock's Guide to Exporting - Many products exported from many countries are made by home-based entrepreneurs who discovered the ease of undertaking international business right from the comforts of their home-offices.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Nach Maravilla   

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