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  • A Virus Worth Catching - What can you do in tough times to generate business? You don't want to cut down on marketing, just figure out how to lower your costs. One way is with a viral newsletter. Peter tells you exactly how it works.
    Publisher: Author: Peter Kaufman

  • Attract New Users With a Magnetic Site - Looking for a low-cost way to generate more traffic? Make it easy for your current users to bring family, friends and others to your site with a new phenom called magnetic web sites.
    Publisher: Author: Cliff Allen

  • Emanuel Rosen On Viral Marketing - Exclusive interview with "Anatomy of Buzz" author, Emanuel Rosen in which Rosen discusses the nature of viral marketing, and viral marketing strategy.
    Publisher: avant|marketer Author: Ajay Segal

  • Essentials of Word of Mouth Marketing - What's the least expensive, yet most credible form of advertising? Yes, it's word of mouth.
    Publisher: The Small Business Journal Author: Marty Foley

  • Is Viral Marketing All It's Cracked up to Be? - Viral marketing is widely touted as the new way to increase market penetration and build brand awareness in the Internet space. Hotmail is a classic example - it grew by leaps and bounds by doing something simple.
    Publisher: Author: Sandeep Krishnamurthy

  • It's Alive! - Imagine your marketing messages growing on their own. No expensive ad space. No overworked sales team. Just your product and your message . . . spreading. That is viral marketing.
    Publisher: Author: Mark Henricks

  • Please Don't Forward This Email - Phillip Harter hit the "forward" button on his email program and became an accidental celebrity.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Rekha Balu

  • The Joys of Viral Marketing - Have you ever heard from a friend who hadn't contacted you in a long time, only to find out that the reason he was calling was to try to sell you a water filter or some nutritional supplements?
    Publisher: PC Magazine Author: Don Willmott

  • The Power of Viral Marketing - When one person has a good online experience, he or she will turn around and tell 12 more people; the same goes for a bad experience. This is the dynamic behind viral marketing. Blake defines five types of viral marketing.
    Publisher: Author: Blake Rohrbacher

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