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  • Format HTML Email for AOL - Until now, sending HTML email to AOL users was more trouble than it's worth. Tom outlines the key issues - and solutions - for dealing with the AOL email browser.
    Publisher: SitePoint     Author: Thomas Granger   

  • Fresh Ideas - The tried-and-true. It's hard not to stick with it. Problem is, that can leave you stuck in one place. Take some lessons from email marketers who stepped out of their comfort zones and upped their response rates in the process.
    Publisher: ClickZ.com     Author: Kim MacPherson   

  • Future of Email Marketing: Special Briefing - An in-depth look at the future of email marketing, projecting upcoming changes in the economics of email marketing, and outlining the critical strategies that will be required to handle them.
    Publisher: avant|marketer     Author: staff   

  • Getting the Word Out - E-mail publishing works just as well for mom-and-pop shops as for giant corporations. For starters, sending out an e-mail message costs from half a cent to 20 cents, compared with 50 cents to 2 dollars for a piece of regular mail.
    Publisher: PC Magazine     Author: Jesse Berst   

  • Growing A List Organically - The speed of the Internet has certainly simplified this method of promoting, which has been aptly named both viral and organic marketing due to its ability to multiply and "spread" at a rapid rate.
    Publisher: ClickZ.com     Author: Kim MacPherson   

  • How Jim Sterne Grows His Brand Name with a Fun Email Newsletter - Seems like everybody on this planet is launching an email newsletter these days to promote themselves to marketers. With so much competition in the in-box, how can you make your agency or consultancy newsletter stand out?
    Publisher: MarketingSherpa.com     Author: MarketingSherpa.com   

  • How to Ask Permission - E-mail list quality means one thing—permission. Here are some tips for practicing real permission marketing when building an e-mail list.
    Publisher: Digitrends.net     Author: Ian Oxman   

  • How To Buy Ezines - If you've got more money than time, buying opt-in email newsletters or discussion lists is absolutely one of the fastest ways to get into the ezine business.
    Publisher: EzinesForSale     Author: Christopher M. Knight   

  • How to Stop Your Email Campaigns and Newsletters From Being Filtered Out - Unfortunately, filters often stop legitimate marketing email, such as your broadcasts to opt-in lists, from getting through. Want to make sure your permission-based email gets through? Click here for five copywriting tips and three technical tips to beat the filters.
    Publisher: MarketingSherpa.com     Author: Anne Holland   

  • How to Structure a Follow Up Series - Smart marketers know that follow up autoresponders drive sales. But, many *don't* know how to write the e-mail messages they need in order to use these tools. Don't let that keep you from increased profits! This article details one whole follow up message, section-by-section.
    Publisher: AWeber Communications     Author: Beka Ruse   

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