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  • E-Mail Excellence - How you name yourself on e-mail can place your business in a favorable or harmful light.
    Publisher: Author: Marcia Yudkin

  • Effective E-Mail - From newsletters to order confirmations, e-mail is an increasingly important aspect of e-commerce. However, the e-business industry is still so inexperienced about e-mail that even following these basic tips will put any dotcom ahead of most of the industry. Here are the rules and standards in writing effective e-mails.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides Author: Liz Bennett, Ed Dawidowicz and Mark Hurst

  • Email Don't Get No Respect! - lamenting the relevance and legitimacy of emailed communications.
    Publisher: Author: Mike Banks Valentine

  • Email in Any Language - English speakers have enjoyed the fact that English is the dominant language on the Web, but it's time that we all take a look at our customers and address them in their preferred language.
    Publisher: Author: Tom Hespos

  • Email Lists 101 - I get a lot of inquiries about email lists. How do you find the best, most potentially profitable ones? How do you get the best deals? So I figured that now is as good a time as any to get back to basics with a little "Email Lists 101."
    Publisher: Author: Kim MacPherson

  • Email Marketing for Media Planners: Finding the Lists - Media buyers conducting email marketing campaigns need to ask lots of questions about email lists. Tig tells you where to start and how to find the right list; he also tells you all about deal structure, pricing, and negotiation.
    Publisher: Author: Tig Tillinghast

  • Email Marketing Hints & tips - A Site Visitor is a Terrible Thing to Waste - Hints and Tips on Building Your Own Opt-in Emailing List
    Publisher: Roving Software Author: Michelle Keegan

  • Ezine Publishing - The 7 Most Common Mistakes - These days, everyone has an ezine - but don't be tempted to jump in the deep end! Dr. Mani reveals 7 common pitfalls of ezine publishing, so you won't make the same mistakes!
    Publisher: SitePoint Author: Mani Sivasubramanian

  • Finding Optimal Frequency - . To avoid double-digit unsubscribe rates (thus leading to rapidly declining conversion rates), companies need to consider at what frequency they should communicate to their customers - for long-term revenue consideration.
    Publisher: Author: Stuart Hanson

  • Fine-Tuning Your Email Marketing - As the popularity of email grows, consumers find themselves swamped with too many messages. Learn how to fine-tune your email marketing strategies to make sure your messages are read.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides Author: Nach Maravilla

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