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  • 7 Secrets to Successful Branding - Based on lessons learned from re-positioning IBM, a marketing pro provides insight into what it takes to build a master brand.
    Publisher: Author: J.G. Sandom

  • A Case History: It's All in Building The Brand - Because branding appears elusive, most businesses fail to build a brand. And all the talk about creating a brand can seem somewhat ethereal for many businesses.
    Publisher: Author: John R. Graham

  • Brand Defined - Part art, and part science, a brand is intangible, visceral, emotional, personal, cultural and very hard to build.
    Publisher: Business 2.0 Author: Noah Hawley

  • Are Brands out of Hand? - A new kind of brand proletariat is on the loose, courtesy of Harvey Alpert, the man behind Brand in Your Hand.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Jack Hitt

  • Are You Building a Business or a Brand? - Heres a little secret: Focus on the fundamentals of building your business, and you may end up with a well-known brand.
    Publisher: Author: Michael Rice

  • Balance Direct Response Campaigns With Branding - Strategically placed search engine text links may get better results than creative ad placements in the short term, but there's no branding. Adam tells you why you need some creative components in your ad placements.
    Publisher: Author: Adam Posman

  • Bombay Sapphire Tests Online Brand Building - Although BOMBAY SAPPHIRE is famous brand of gin, parent-company Bacardi Global Brands Inc. didn't put up a public Web site for the brand until just six months ago.
    Publisher: Author:

  • Brand defined - What is a brand? Too often even marketing professionals don't have an answer, and too many have their 'own' answer. Which makes life very confusing! We've trawled through our resources to find some of the best definitions:
    Publisher: Team BuildingBrands Author: Colin Bates

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