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  • Powering an Affiliate Program - Marketers wanting to launch their own affiliate program can turn to shareware scripts, shrink-wrap packages or completely customized, turnkey solutions. There's something for every budget.
    Publisher: ClickZ.com     Author: Joel Gehman   

  • Save Profits on PPCs -- Create an Affiliate Strategy - You’ve spent hours choosing keywords and writing ad copy for your PPC (pay-per-click) campaign. Could you be losing sales to your own affiliate network?
    Publisher: PayPerClickAnalyst.com     Author: Catherine Seda   

  • Six Secrets to Affiliate-program Success - An affiliate network in and of itself will not provide you with a reason to go laughing all the way to the bank. Affiliate marketing is a tool that can contribute to meeting the objectives of a larger strategic framework and media and marketing plan.
    Publisher: Digitrends.net     Author: Wendi Newman   

  • Take It on a Case-by-Case Basis - There are those in the affiliate industry who are pushing to establish standard revenue-sharing agreements, but Jason calls such efforts "insanely irrational."
    Publisher: ClickZ.com     Author: Jason Ciment   

  • That's What Friends Are For - When content sites and online retailers get together, beautiful—and lucrative—things can happen.
    Publisher: Darwinmag.com     Author: Sari Kalin   

  • The Best Is Yet to Come - While a few dot-coms are closing up shop, affiliate marketing looks to be well established among the Top 100 web sites. Take a look at how the web's top sites are leveraging affiliate networks to drive growth -- and even profitability.
    Publisher: ClickZ.com     Author: Joel Gehman   

  • The Next Generation of Affiliations - The first generation of this capability looks like the popular "affiliate" programs - a must for expanding reach in online marketing. But the next generation will consist of electronic trading hubs that offer a range of outsourced ebusiness services, still possible to assemble in hours or days.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Walid Mougayar   

  • The Seven Secrets of Successful Affiliates - In the affiliate program business, the universe of affiliates divides cleanly into two camps: winners and losers. The winners receive checks for hundreds or thousands of dollars each quarter; the losers find their mailboxes empty. And the truth is, the losers outnumber the winners by a large margin.
    Publisher: ChannelSeven     Author: John K. McCrea   

  • Three Big Reality Checks - There's a lot to be learned from looking at inbound links, Web reach, and affiliate activity. But Joel's evaluation of affiliate network providers makes it easier to see what's really happening at each network.
    Publisher: ClickZ.com     Author: Joel Gehman   

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