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  • 6 Principles for Selecting Affiliate Programs for Your Site - When your website is bringing in some decent traffic due to your marketing efforts, then it's time to select some affiliate programs for your site. Here are the six principles I use to select between the thousands of available programs.
    Publisher: Author: Ralph Wilson

  • Affiliate Marketing: A Fad? - Affiliate marketing is hot. But today's model may not be sustainable. Indeed, change is necessary for real profit.
    Publisher: Author: Marcia Kadanoff

  • Affiliate Program Software: A Review - Running an in-house affiliate program makes the most sense for merchants with small advertising budgets. Here's a list of recommended off-the-shelf software programs, and a review of one.
    Publisher: Author: Steven Rothberg

  • Are You Writing Enough Checks? - With any kind of performance marketing, if you're not writing checks your cash register isn't ringing. To put it in simplest terms, success as an affiliate marketer is a function of how many checks your affiliates can cash.
    Publisher: Author: Joel Gehman

  • Bridging the Gap Between Affiliate Programs and CPM - Affiliate programs as we once knew them are dying. So why read this article? Because like dying dot-coms, the dying affiliate programs are being replaced by effective performance-based sales channels, the kind that have existed offline for many years.
    Publisher: Author: Declan Dunn

  • Build Your Own Network - In setting up and managing your affiliate program, don't overlook something absolutely crucial: building a personal network in the affiliate marketing community.
    Publisher: Author: Joel Gehman

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