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  • Total Quality Management - An Overview - This is an extensive explanation of the basic concepts of total quality management (TQM) with a history lesson (the Japanese were first), definitions of key concepts, and a glossary of terms.
    Publisher: Author: Judith Ann Schlenker

  • Chrysler's Five Stars - Service Quality in Franchises - How Chrysler is trying to increase service quality in independently owned franchises by using continuous improvement and quality movement techniques. PDF format. From Quality Digest.
    Publisher: Quality Digest Author: Dr. David Zatz

  • Defining Service - Customer Service explained in its various components. It is more than meets the eye. It embraces all aspects of your environment, the product, and the caliber of your staff
    Publisher: CHIC Hospitality Consulting Services Author: Claire Belilos

  • Group Think -- Building in Quality - What kind of organizational structure is best for sharing information that will result in quality decisions? Researchers at the University at London provide insight into what empowers management groups make better more competitive strategic decisions.
    Publisher: Author: Sue Campbell

  • How Total is Your Quality Management? - Moving from PQM to TQM requires as much discipline, consistency, and new habit formation as moving from endless dieting or new year's fitness resolutions to long-term, permanent lifestyle change.
    Publisher: Author: Jim Clemmer

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