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  • eFulfillment: Turning The Virtual Into Reality - Most eCommerce companies eventually have to convert virtual interaction with their customers via the web site into physical delivery of products.
    Publisher: Accenture Author: Robert Mann and Ian Lomas

  • Extranets, Extranets, Read All About 'Em - What intranets can do to improve internal communication, extranets can do for communication with suppliers and customers.
    Publisher: Author: Tad Leahy

  • Five Steps to an eSynchronized Supply Chain - To exploit the opportunity offered by business-to-business eCommerce, companies are having rapidly to adapt to an environment in which the supply chain is the principal source of shareholder value.
    Publisher: Accenture Author: Andrew Berger

  • Four Strategies - The options for web-enabling your supply chain are beginning to emerge. It's time to choose.
    Publisher: Author: Christopher Koch

  • Getting Outsourcing to Work in the Supply Chain - Although outsourcing of the supply chain continues to grow, its success has been questioned. A few well-publicized lawsuits and many disappointed customers support this fact. Nonetheless, third party logistics (3PL) will become a dominant force in the future.
    Publisher: Author: Robert E. Sabath

  • Go for Growth! Supply Chain Management's Role in Growing Revenues - Having wrung all they can out of downsizing and reengineering, CEOs today are demanding growth. Whether these executives fully recognize it or not, successful supply chain management can help achieve that growth.
    Publisher: Supply Chain Management Review Author: Robert E. Sabath and David G. Frentzel

  • Go Your Own Way - In the race to embrace online trading exchanges and the like, companies could be inflicting irreparable damage on their supply chains. For one thing, many suppliers just aren't up to speed. Here's how Bass Brewers, BMW, and others avoided the pitfalls and perils.
    Publisher: Author: Janet Kersnar

  • How EDS Got Its Groove Back - Before Dick Brown took the reins at EDS, people wrote the company off as slow, stodgy, even uncool. By focusing on the soft stuff -- the company's culture -- he's turned EDS into the leading example of an old-economy company that gets it.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Bill Breen

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