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  • Creating the Agile Supply Chain - In today's business environment it is important that a business be agile as well as efficient. Supply chains can help achieve this through the ability to respond quickly to customer demand and by reducing operating costs.
    Publisher:     Author: Martin Christopher   

  • Dangerous liaisons - The benefits of good relationships with suppliers are now clear. But some partnerships are a waste of time and money, others are actually dangerous, and only a few will justify taking the risks that fully integrated collaboration demands.
    Publisher: Accenture     Author: Timothy L. Mould and C. Edwin Starr   

  • Demand-Chain Management – the Key to Business Success - By switching from a supply-chain management method to demand-chain management, companies can get a better grasp of what the demand for product will be and enact their business plans accordingly.
    Publisher:     Author: Richard Tanler   

  • Does ERP Fit in a Lean World? - Enterprise resource planning systems may be counterproductive on the plant floor. What’s needed—vendors, take note—is a “lean” methodology to improve customer service and reduce procurement and plant floor costs.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance     Author: Marianne Bradford and Tony Mayfield   

  • Dynamic Supply Chains Alter Traditional Models - Channel dominators and mass market retailers are wreaking havoc on their suppliers by pushing inventories up the supply chain. Meanwhile, retailers and distributors are demanding special handling and shorter order-to-delivery cycles from manufacturers.
    Publisher:     Author: Stacie McCullough   

  • Easter in November, Christmas in July - If your company has seasonal sales spikes and lulls (and what company doesn't?), your supply chain needs to be supple enough to accommodate them. Here's how it's done.
    Publisher:     Author: Simone Kaplan   

  • eCommerce Requires Intelligent Supply Chains - Supply chains are being rapidly transformed as businesses go beyond their Web-based storefronts with systems that execute business processes with their customers and suppliers over the Internet.
    Publisher:     Author: George Moakley   

  • Effective Supply Chain Management - The complexities of getting material ordered, manufactured and delivered overload most supply chain management (SCM) systems. The fact is, most systems are just not up to handling all the variables up and down the supply chain.
    Publisher: R. Michael Donovan     Author: R. Michael Donovan   

  • Effective Supply Chain Management - No longer does supply chain management operate as mutually exclusive teams with separate sets of metrics in managing their activities. Today's successful companies use a master strategy or balanced scorecard approach to managing the organization as a connected enterprise.
    Publisher: Financial Executive Online Edition     Author: Joseph Slota   

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