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  • Build a Value-Creating Integrated Supply Strategy - Integrated supply (IS) continues to gain traction in industrial MRO procurement. These agreements represent a significant shift from established and accepted business practices for both distributor and customer.
    Publisher: Pembroke Consulting     Author: Michael J. Skinner and Adam J. Fein   

  • Business Process and Supply Chain Synchronization - The next frontier will be achieving efficiencies and standardization between companies that until now have only been possible within a single organization.
    Publisher:     Author: Alan Dabbiere   

  • Charting the Course to Successful Supply Chain Management - Most organizations realize that the extended supply chain needs to be their ultimate goal, but many get mired along the way. Manugistics has created a five stage paradigm that can help managers conceptualize where they are, and delineate the steps they need to take to reach competitive differentiation.
    Publisher:     Author: Mary Lou Fox   

  • Demystifying Supply Chain Management - Integrated supply chain management is not rocket science. . .or is it? It relies on advanced, somewhat mysterious, techniques like mixed-integer programming and concurrent engineering.
    Publisher: Supply Chain Management Review     Author: Peter J. Metz   

  • CEO's and Value Chains - Chain Commanders - Four CEOs discuss value chains and the role of technology in strengthening their customer and supplier relationships.
    Publisher: CIO Magazine     Author: Derek Slater   

  • Changing Channels - Companies are racing to develop new distribution strategies, and many are implementing a multi-channel approach to order fulfillment. Here’s how successful e-businesses are reshaping their relationships down the supply chain for maximum profitability.
    Publisher:     Author: Samuel Greengard   

  • Cinching up the Supply Chain - The collaboration server makes supply chains transparent to users and helps business partners manage data exchange and merge workflow processes.
    Publisher:     Author: Stewart McKie   

  • Collaborating for Competitive Advantage - Within the next three to seven years, the European market will be dominated by a small number of strong pan-European players, a forecast with which the majority of both manufacturers and retailers appear to concur.
    Publisher: Accenture     Author: Jaume Ferrer and Olivier Vidal   

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