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  • Creating Your Future - Five important lessons in planning for the future.
    Publisher: Author: Thomas W. McKee

  • Developing a Business Strategy - Introduces strategic planning and offers a systematic approach to devising a 3-page strategic plan.
    Publisher: PlanWare Author: Brian Flanagan

  • Developing a Team or Organization Vision - Visionary leaders are seldom born that way (how many of those birth announcements have you seen lately?). Nor are they necessarily charismatic. They have had to work at making visioning habitual.
    Publisher: Author: Jim Clemmer

  • Developing Value Statements: Lessons From War - The world's current plight to rid the world of demented individuals who claim to kill in the name of religion also provides some valuable lessons for strategic management.
    Publisher: The CEO Refresher Author: Scott Valentine

  • Devising Venture Strategies - Characteristics of sucessful businesses, use of SWOTs and other techniques for developing strategies.
    Publisher: PlanWare Author: Brian Flanagan

  • Doing Business in a Volatile World - This is a roundtable discussion by Graziadio School faculty reflecting on some of the impacts of the September 11 attacks on business. The discuss strategic issues, but also organizational issues and basic values.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report Author: Faculty Members of the Graziadio School

  • Fast Talk: Smarter Moves for Tougher Times - A roundtable of seasoned business leaders assembled in Dallas to come up with short-term tactics for surviving the downturn and long-term strategies for winning in the future.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Fast Company

  • Fierce Resolve - Bringing Corporate Philosophy Alive - Many companies invest a lot of time and resources to develop corporate philosophies (corporate mission, vision and value statements) but employees don't buy into them because they just don't fit the actual job. In fact, some employees find these corporate philosophies loose and irritating. Why?
    Publisher: The CEO Refresher Author: Jody Urquhart

  • From Strategic Planning to Competitive Planning - As the business environment tightens, developing effective strategies is crucial. But how can the Competitive Intelligence Analyst suggest avenues to improve the process? This article suggests three avenues:
    Publisher: Competia Online Magazine Author: Estelle Metayer

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