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  • Assessing and Improving Your Organization: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Cures - Almost all of us belonged to some sick organization or another and at times all of us feel frustrated with them. Unfortunately, many of us are untrained in diagnosing what is going wrong in an organization.
    Publisher: ††† Author: David Chaudron, PhD†††

  • Balanced scorecards for strategy implementation - Using balanced scorecards to explain and implement strategy to people throughout the organization.
    Publisher: Organizational Development Toolpack ††† Author: Dr. David Zatz†††

  • Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail - The adage is so well worn that it almost seems trite. The truth, however, is that some statements never go out of style... failing to plan is planning to fail.
    Publisher: The Small Business Journal ††† Author: Chuck Proudfit†††

  • Game Plans - Strategic plans are back in style. Hear from CIOs who are making sure they'll be more than a passing fad.
    Publisher: CIO Magazine ††† Author: Mindy Blodgett†††

  • How To Create and Use a Mission Statement - If you donít have a mission statement donít worry Ė most businesses donít. Many that do, have ineffective or unused statements.
    Publisher: The Small Business Journal ††† Author: Jack Deal†††

  • How to Write a Mission Statement - Every organization has a mission, a purpose, a reason for being. Often the mission is why the organization was first created ó to meet a need identified years ago.
    Publisher: The Grantsmanship Center Magazine ††† Author: Janel M. Radtke†††

  • Implementing a strategic plan - It's not a business plan. And, only by putting it into action can a company reach its primary market.
    Publisher: ††† Author: Terry Wooten†††

  • Introduction to Strategic Planning - This publication introduces you to strategic planning - Company strengths, weaknesses, defining objectives...
    Publisher: U.S. Small Business Administration ††† Author: Michael L. Policastro†††

  • Meaningful Mission Statements - There are several reasons why businesses write mission statements. Businesses write them so clients will know what type of business they are, so employees know what to expect from the business, or to direct future decision-making.
    Publisher: ††† Author: Jeff Foxx†††

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