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  • Her Majesty's Flying IT Circus - The British are top-drawer when it comes to fumbling high-profile IT projects. We tour the rubble as the government preps its e-government push.
    Publisher:     Author: Malcolm Wheatley   

  • How to Move Project Management Out of IT Into The Rest of The Organization - Most project management efforts start in the IT department. Many IT project office managers face the challenge of how to move project management principles into the other parts of their organization. These ten strategies will help to make that transition.
    Publisher:     Author: Dave Paradi   

  • How to Use the Balanced Scorecard - You can't tell when you're winning if you don't keep score. The Balanced Scorecard helps track your hits and misses.
    Publisher:     Author: Eric Berkman   

  • Implementing and Measuring Project Management Practices; A High Level Overview - As technology advances and the business climate becomes more competitive, standard processes must be implemented to manage projects successfully. This article provides a high level overview of how to obtain corporate goals by implementing and evaluating best practices project management. The companies that can successfully implement best practice project management techniques will be the outstanding leaders of tomorrow.
    Publisher: Charles Ludwig     Author: Charles Ludwig   

  • Insuring Access - At Royal & SunAlliance Financial, leading a project to give agents better access to customer data meant mapping out—and prioritizing—the details.
    Publisher:     Author: Thom Hopkins   

  • Killing the false gods of Project Management - My argument rests on the observation that Project Management needs to be a complex discipline because it aims to deal with complexity!
    Publisher:     Author: Christophe Bredillet   

  • Managing Projects Effectively - As businesses look for more efficient and effective ways to manage work, they have discovered that project management is the answer for increasing white-collar productivity.
    Publisher: AchieveMax, Inc.     Author: Jeffrey W. Drake, Ph.D.   

  • Managing Technical Problems as Projects - Guideslines, tips and tricks for applying project management principles to the resolution of technical problems
    Publisher:     Author:   

  • Measuring Project Procurement Management Performance in the Public Sector - Project performance has traditionally been measured with respect to cost and time, and widely accepted tools such as C/SCSC (Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria), have been designed to monitor a project's progress and performance in these two areas. The success of government sponsored projects cannot, however, be measured by these two criteria alone.
    Publisher: PM Forum     Author: M. Seely and Q. Duong   

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