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  • Defect Tracking for Extreme Project Managers - When the application finally goes into production, the Project Manager must be held answerable. The Extreme Project Management principle dictates that Project Managers conduct their own QA, before it is passed on to production.
    Publisher: The CEO Refresher ††† Author: Shaun H. Ajani†††

  • Don't Get Trapped - Recognizing when itís time to abandon a sinking project is the first step in escaping from the entrapment process that can lead to ever spiraling cost overruns.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance ††† Author: Daphne Main†††

  • Extreme Analysis for Extreme Project Management - Extreme Analysis for Extreme Project Management is a collection of three original theories, Pretense Irony, Expectation Escalation, and Risk Equalizer. Based on the 'polishing of the common sense' model, it builds on the management best practices of corporate America, and takes the Project Management practice that one step above in the evolutionary scale.
    Publisher: The CEO Refresher ††† Author: Shaun H. Ajani†††

  • Extreme Meetings for Extreme Project Management - Today it is every manager's responsibility to reduce the time spent in meetings, and to optimize every moment spent around the conference table.
    Publisher: CEO Refresher ††† Author: Shaun H. Ajani†††

  • Fast, Cheap and Under Control - Here's how one CIO and his team pulled off a massive global migration six months ahead of schedule.
    Publisher: ††† Author: Derek Slater†††

  • From Team Techie to Enterprise Leader - After leading an ERP team, David Johns discovered that he had learned everything about the company's business. And management knew it too.
    Publisher: CIO Magazine ††† Author: Christopher Koch†††

  • Gender Impacts Virtual Work Teams - Self-managed work teams are a staple of business management practice. "Virtual teams" that are not physically in the same place present special challenges. The author presents data to suggest that men and women respond to the virtual environment in different ways. Team managers need to be aware of such differences in managing teams.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report ††† Author: Lindsley Boiney†††

  • Greer's ID Project Management Model - This is an overview of the generic instructional development (ID) project management model as it appears in Michael Greer's text.
    Publisher: Michael Greer's Project Management Resources ††† Author: Michael Greer†††

  • Groundwork for Project Success - Start your project well and it will end well. With a little strategic legwork, you can meet goals, increase support for your work, and improve your credibility. Janice shows you where to begin.
    Publisher: ††† Author: Janice Crotty Fraser†††

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