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  • A Time to Kill - Sometimes it is more cost-effective to pull the plug on a foundering project than to fund its completion. While finance executives often make that decision, they can also provide valuable assistance early in the project management process.
    Publisher:     Author: Eric Krell   

  • Achievement-driven Project Management - Making project management work in your organization.
    Publisher: Project Manager's Control Tower     Author: Project Manager's Control Tower   

  • Balance Your Project - Applying balanced scorecard principles to project management can help you view all the elements, linking them together in a chain of cause and effect, helping to deliver the value of your project.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance     Author: Christian J. Germain   

  • Body Building - Bodies of knowledge are a fundamental part of project management, but what exactly are they, why are they important, what are the issues in creating a valid (universal ) BoK, what is the Association for Project Management doing in this area?
    Publisher: PM Forum     Author: Peter W.G. Morris   

  • BPR Project Management: A Radical Approach to Project Team Organization - To the casual observer, it would seem logical that one should manage a business process reengineering (BPR) project just like any other organizational change effort. Unfortunately this has not proven to be true.
    Publisher: Business Reengineering Resources Inc.     Author: Dorine Andrews and Susan Stalick   

  • First Principles of Project Management - Sets out a philosophical discussion of the fundamentals of project management and tries to address some of the issues raised. (PDF File)
    Publisher:     Author: Max Wideman   

  • Fundamental Principles of Project Management - From time to time, various attempts have been made to enunciate ‘Principles and Practices’ of project management. However...
    Publisher: PM Forum     Author: R. Max Wideman   

  • When Bad Things Happen to Good Projects - The warning signs of failure are detectable long before a project falls apart. You just have to know where to look.
    Publisher: CIO Magazine     Author: Tom Field   

  • DBA Détente - In many software-development projects, the tasks of programmers and system administrators do not intertwine. However, the story is different when discussing scalable IP-based database applications.
    Publisher: Network Computing     Author: Ahmad Abualsamid   

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