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  • Mastering Leadership - Leading an organization to constructive change begins by setting a direction-developing a vision of the future (often the distant future) along with strategies for producing the changes needed to achieve that vision.
    Publisher: Author: Steve SuIlivan

  • Teaching Johnny to Lead - It's easy to talk about developing leaders. Turning that talk into action is hard. Here's how you can do it.
    Publisher: CIO Magazine Author: Mindy Blodgett

  • The Language of Leadership - Nervous speakers tend to speak at a low volume, raise voice pitch and talk too rapidly. The flip side of language from the center is what McGinty calls the "language of influence, or language from the edge. Leaders speak in ordinary language.
    Publisher: Author: Carol Orsag Madigan

  • The Leader of the Future - Harvard's Ronald Heifetz offers a short course on the future of leadership.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: William C. Taylor

  • The Right Stuff - Learning the attributes of leadership and following some simple techniques for honing your skills are the first steps toward becoming the leader you want to be.
    Publisher: Author: Shari Caudron

  • A Diciplined Sixth Sense - It takes seat-of-the-pants intuition and rigorous discipline to get the job done.
    Publisher: Author: Christopher Hoenig

  • A Head for the Business - Global IT leaders-why you need them and how to develop them.
    Publisher: Author: Elizabeth Heichler

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