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  • Find the expert - Many business and technical problems are best solved not by retrieving electronic information but by retrieving a human expert.
    Publisher: Author: Judith Lamont

  • Five Principles of Intelligent Content Management - As the amount of unstructured text out there steadily grows in size, intelligent information retrieval techniques are all the more important for keeping decision-makers on track.
    Publisher: Author: Dan Sullivan

  • For Knowledge, Look Within - Businesses are discovering the value of internal infomediaries.
    Publisher: Knowledge Management Magazine Author: Daniel Costello

  • Gathering, organizing, distributing info - This article presents a sampling of portal solutions, all of which gather, organize and disseminate information.
    Publisher: KM World Online Author: Tony McKinley

  • Ghost in the Machine - Reaching consensus on the meaning and value of metadata is an important step toward making the best possible use of enterprise information.
    Publisher: Author: Malcolm Chisholm

  • Harnessing Intellectual Capital of your Small Business - Technology is by no doubt very important in this digital economy. However, just as important or even more so is the flow of information within your company and your partners (as relevant).
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides Author: Ramon Ray

  • He Drills for Knowledge - As Texaco taps oil fields all around the world in search of crude, John Old helps the company's 18,000 people tap their collective brainpower -- and the ideas to help the company operate faster and more productively.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Fara Warner

  • Identifying and Transferring Internal Best Practices - The need isn't new. Executives have long been frustrated by their inability to identify or transfer outstanding practices from one location or function to another.
    Publisher: Author: Carla O'Dell & C. Jackson Grayson

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