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  • Cool Tool - Content management software is hip, but is it more than document management with a fancy handle?
    Publisher:     Author: Simone Kaplan   

  • Culture of Collaboration - The biggest challenge of getting employees to work together online isn't a technological problem—it's a cultural and organizational one.
    Publisher:     Author: Scott Kirsner   

  • Don't Lose Your Mind Share - Hill & Knowlton tackles knowledge sharing across global and corporate lines.
    Publisher:     Author: Eric Berkman   

  • Draft Your Dream Team - To make a KM project work, pick the right people.
    Publisher:     Author: Drew Robb   

  • Excavating Corporate Data Mines - It’s demanding work to unearth customer knowledge in data repositories.
    Publisher: Knowledge Management Magazine     Author: David DeVoss   

  • Expert systems and KM are a natural team - Although many knowledge management efforts have incorporated artificial intelligence into their processes, the potential synergy between the two fields has not yet been achieved.
    Publisher:     Author: Judith Lamont   

  • Extracting Diamonds in the Rough - Taking internal best practices companywide requires a carefully designed system that promotes idea sharing, offers rewards for those who share knowledge and fosters communication across business units.
    Publisher:     Author: Tad Leahy   

  • Fact or Fad? Ten Shifts in Knowledge Management - Increasingly questions about the future of knowledge management arise. This time last year, 47 per cent of managers in a study by Cranfield School of Management expressed the view that it was just a fad. Now, with the KPMG survey putting the figure at only two per cent, it seems that the future of KM is more secure.
    Publisher:     Author: David Skyrme   

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