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  • A Viable System Model: Consideration of Knowledge Management - Contends that individual and organizational knowledge is difficult to value and therefore difficult to manage. Looks at the management of knowledge from the perspective of the individual, the network and the organization using Stafford Beer's Viable System Model, a powerful descriptive and diagnostic tool to map management capacities and promote viability.
    Publisher: Journal of Knowledge Management Practice     Author: Allenna Leonard   

  • Collaboration: the neglected side of KM - But one area of KM is still largely neglected by KM practitioners and technology vendors alike: collaboration.
    Publisher: KM World Online     Author: Lisa Matway and Linda Andrews   

  • From Information to Knowledge Management: Are You Prepared? - This paper reviews the role of the Internet in the current 'knowledge revolution'. Knowledge has emerged as a current 'hot topic' for many organisations. Many see knowledge management as the next source of competitive advantage.
    Publisher: David Skyrme & Associates     Author: Dr. David J. Skyrme   

  • How Knowledge Management Drives Competitive Advantage - This paper will attempt to "de-mystify" knowledge management and provide a straightforward framework for developing knowledge management solutions that drive competitive advantage.
    Publisher: The Hunter Group     Author: The Hunter Group   

  • A KM Initiative is Unlikely to Succeed Without a Knowledge Audit - Industry analysts predict that by next year, 2003, Fortune 500 companies alone would have lost 31.5 billion USD. Why are knowledge management initiatives failing? Much of the mistakes of both the early and more recent adopters of knowledge management can be traced to the serious oversight of not including the knowledge audit in their overall knowledge management strategy and initiatives...
    Publisher: Hylton Associates     Author: Dr. Ann Hylton   

  • Are You Reading the Trade Press Correctly? Some Say No - Walter Cronkite's "How to Read a Newspaper" gave some insightful advice about how to get the most out of reading the press. But much has changed with the advent of a competitive trade press and the slashing and burning of editorial departments. It's time for an update.
    Publisher:     Author: Tig Tillinghast   

  • Collaboration is the Path to Raging Knowledge - Companies implementing a knowledge management system are faced with the challenge of meeting their users’ expectations, which have been molded over time. (PDF File)
    Publisher:     Author: IDC   

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