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  • Customer Friendly IM - Adopting instant messaging (IM) as a new mode of communication could give companies a permanent place on their customers' desktops. But IM has some drawbacks.
    Publisher:     Author: Scott Kirsner   

  • Customer Intelligence - Why do most companies' products and services fail in the marketplace? Largely because of focusing on what the companies wanted and knew, instead of what customers themselves knew and wanted.
    Publisher:     Author: Ernest Lotecka   

  • Customer Loyalty Language - The relationship between customers and suppliers resembles the relationship between men and women—differences in communication can often lead to troubled relationships.
    Publisher:     Author: Michael Lowenstein   

  • Customer Relationship Mismanagement - As many of you know, the wall between customer service and marketing is very, very thin. Especially when you're doing business online.
    Publisher:     Author: Kim MacPherson   

  • Customer Service Improvement: It's Mission Critical To Your Future - Consultant R. Michael Donovan asks, "Do you really provide what your customers want and need?" He contends that companies who continuously excel at customer service will gain more marketshare. (PDF File)
    Publisher: R. Michael Donovan     Author: R. Michael Donovan   

  • Customer Service Lessons From the Trenches - How to deal with explosive customers, your nightmare customer, and seven ways to improve customer service without spending a dime.
    Publisher: The CEO Refresher     Author: Martien Eerhart   

  • Customer Service Still Isn't Up to Par - Get a list of common shopper complaints about online retailers and advice on what to do about it.
    Publisher:     Author: Ronald E. Hildebrandt   

  • Defining Consumer Satisfaction - Without a uniform definition of satisfaction, researchers are unable to select an appropriate definition for a given context; develop valid measures of satisfaction; and/or compare and interpret empirical results.
    Publisher: AMS Review     Author: Joan L. Giese   

  • Developing a Culture of Excellence - It's important to respond quickly to feedback, address the issue, and let readers know that you care. So what was this reader's response: "OK, I'm impressed!"
    Publisher:     Author: Andy Bourland   

  • Do You Really Need a Customer Czar? - Here's how to figure out if a chief customer officer makes sense for your company.
    Publisher:     Author: Steve Ulfelder   

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