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  • Business Puts Online Community to Work - Companies are opening up the feedback channels, and giving those at the edge of the network a voice. What they learn will forever change the way we do business.
    Publisher:     Author: Joseph Cothrel   

  • But Wait, You Promised ... - Every company wants to delight its customers. Don't you spend most of your day delighted?
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Charles Fishman   

  • Calculating the Strategic Value of Customer Satisfaction - If "the only profit center is the customer," then one should treat the pursuit of customer satisfaction the way any other profit-driven investment is treated -- that is, assess it in terms of its net present value (NPV) and/or return on assets employed (ROA). Fojtik explains how this approach might work.
    Publisher: Graziado Business Report     Author: Chic Fojtik   

  • Cleared for Takeoff - Failure to rethink business processes-not technology trouble-grounds most CRM implementations. At Honeywell Aerospace, taking the time to retool business processes is paying off.
    Publisher:     Author: Meredith Levinson   

  • Consumer Marketing in Asia - Asian marketing is now more sophisticated in targeting consumers in a very diverse market. A summary of some of the latest research.
    Publisher: Asia Pacific Management Forum     Author: Rod Davies   

  • Consumer Revenge - Today’s consumers have more money, education and information than previous generations had. Companies that commit time and resources to understanding and meeting customer demands will be positioned to go the distance.
    Publisher:     Author: Shari Caudron   

  • Creating Customer Loyalty: The Customer Loyalty Grid - What makes a loyal customer? One who speaks loudly and with fervor about your organization, telling others how you have made a real and positive difference in their lives? In a word...expectations. But meeting or exceeding customer expectations is not as simple as it first appears...
    Publisher: Affinity Consulting     Author: Brian Ward   

  • Cultivating the Customer Asset - Viewing customers as inventory -- from raw material to outdated -- can help a business more effectively and efficiently target those customers that will be real assets.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report     Author: William Bleuel   

  • Customer Centered Communications: Using Information to Create Value for your Customers - The Customer Revolution is here to stay! Communication is the number one problem in relationships including the relationship your company has with it's customers. You'll learn about the history of customer communications and what you can do to overcome this problem.
    Publisher: Rick Tate     Author: Rick Tate and Michelle Richards   

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