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  • 3 Reasons to Outsource Customer Service - Trying to handle your own customer-service operations makes about as much sense as generating your own electricity.
    Publisher: Author: Sanjay Kumar

  • A Closer Look - Giving customer emails the same analytic scrutiny you give transactions could be a valuable competitive advantage.
    Publisher: Author: Dan Sullivan

  • A New Look at Hi-Tech Hi-Touch CRM: Turning Complaints into Loyalty - After the dust of the hi-tech advances in CRM has settled, those still standing will be the masters of hi-tech and hi-touch. This article covers the basics of using hi-touch to turn upset customers into loyal promoters.
    Publisher: Institute of Applied Knowledge Author: Paul Drayton

  • Barriers to Entry - A WSG survey uncovers the primary roadblocks companies face when implementing CRM.
    Publisher: CRM Magazine Author: Ginger Conlon

  • Beyond Personalization 101 - Successful personalized customer service goes beyond merely attaching a customer's name to e-mail correspondence and requires e-commerce companies to also offer services such as real-time communications and collaborative filtering.
    Publisher: Author: Karen Howard

  • Building a Customer-centric Company - Plenty of mournful (as well as gloating) words have been spoken over the remains of entrepreneurs, investors, and employees caught in the dot-com landslide. Now, taking a closer look at the rubble, we spy another badly damaged figure: the customer.
    Publisher: Business 2.0 Author: James Lardner

  • Building a World-Class Customer Process - Controllers are in a perfect position to help their organizations achieve maximum financial benefits throughout the customer cycle and be perceived as valuable business partners.
    Publisher: Author: Ivy McLemore

  • Building an E-Business CRM Strategy - The great differentiator in e-commerce is delivering customer value. Doing so requires linking key front-end CRM applications with critical back-end components.
    Publisher: Author: Gary Freeman

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