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  • Competitive Intelligence - Get Smart! - Thanks to the Web, you can learn more about the competition faster than ever. Fast Company's panel of experts provides a six-point program for keeping an eye on your rivals. Now, where's Agent 99?
    Publisher: Fast Company ††† Author: Gina Imperato†††

  • Competitive Intelligence on a Small Budget - This article examines gathering competitive intelligence on minimal budgets. It looks at why budgets may be small, the problems this can cause and some approaches to gathering intelligence that are low-cost or free.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides ††† Author: Arthur Weiss†††

  • Competitive Intelligence Programs: An Overview - What is a Competitive Intelligence Program? How is Competitive Intelligence Different Than Business Espionage?
    Publisher: @BRINT Institute ††† Author: Yogesh Malhotra, Ph.D.†††

  • Competitive Profiling with Financial Ratio Analysis - The single constant in business is finance. Getting the data is the easy part. Here are tips on how to work the numbers so they reveal something meaningful.
    Publisher: Competitive Intelligence Magazine ††† Author: Mark B. Johnson, Sr.†††

  • Corporate E-spionage - The latest Net snoop software keeps tabs on competitors.
    Publisher: Business 2.0 ††† Author: Kim Cross†††

  • Data Mining for Business Information - Content may be the next Internet "Killer App", but data is king. The one who has data that can be transformed into competitive information will understand markets and customers. And a better understanding leads to a higher chance for successful interactions. Data mining is the tool to create that success.
    Publisher: Ishtot, Inc. ††† Author: Paul Carney†††

  • Data Warehousing 101 - The real winners in todayís high-tech environment are those who successfully harness the data within their systems and transform it into value-based information that can be used as a competitive weapon and business driver.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance ††† Author: Joe Moye and Dave Upton†††

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