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  • 3 Competitive Intelligence Processes - As competitive intelligence professionals, we all have our techniques and processes to access information to make better business decisions. Whether it be searching the invisible Web to find that key profile on a competitor's senior manager or conducting an interview with an industry expert, we all have our methods to find information efficiently.
    Publisher: Competia Online Magazine Author: Ian Smith

  • A FAROUT Way to Manage CI Analysis - Despite abundant data, most enterprises suffer intellience deficiencies. Rating analytic tools could set things right.
    Publisher: Competitive Intelligence Magazine Author: Craig Sl Fleisher & Babette Bensoussan

  • A Measure of Success - You know a lot about your customers. You know who they are, where they live, what their buying habits are. And if you're like most companies, you've done absolutely nothing with that pile of market intelligence.
    Publisher: Business 2.0 Author: Larry Selden and Geoffrey Colvin

  • Allocating R&D funds using Competitive Intelligence - This analysis will provide you with a process that will enable you to base the fund-allocation discussions on tangible data. It will allow you to help your management team start the discussions from a common base.
    Publisher: Competia Author: Estelle Metayer

  • Anticipating Organizational Changes: What Should be Tracked? - With the enormous amount of outlets of information made available to competitive intelligence professionals, the task of tracking competitors' developments has become less challenging. Whether it is a new product launch or the introduction of a marketing campaign, information is readily available to feed strategists with the right data to make informed business decisions.
    Publisher: Competia Online Magazine Author: Tim Nault

  • Benchmarking and Its Myths - Many misconceptions surround competitive benchmarking. Here are some useful truths -- and practical tips.
    Publisher: Competitive Intelligence Magazine Author: Robert J. Kennedy

  • Bringing Data to Your CI Unit - This article will guide you through the necessary steps needed to establish a system to deliver data to be used for competitive intelligence purposes to your team by means of a portal.
    Publisher: The CEO Refresher Author: David McAmis

  • Building a Competitor Profile - Sooner or later, somebody in your company will ask you to build a company profile. Where to start ? This article will outline the steps in building a good customer profile and the questions that you should ask yourself.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides Author: Competia

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