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  • Building Successful Teams in the Midst of Transition - Great teams are made up of knowledge workers, who have a focused vision, believe in their mission, and empower each other with their initiative and skill development.
    Publisher: Author: Thomas W. McKee

  • Can Your Organization Thrive on Chaos? - The ability to implement change is determined by your formal organization, its structure, systems and procedures, and the skills of your employees, especially your management.
    Publisher: Author: Robert H. Kent

  • Change is a Many Splintered Thing (Part 1 of 2) - Discover the first two phases in the Cycle of Resistance to change. Learn the typical "cat reactions" people have when they feel the pain of change and how these reactions impact them personally.
    Publisher: Author: Patti Hathaway

  • Change Is Sweet - When is a Net strategy more than just a Net strategy? When it enables a company to change an entire way of doing business. At Nestle USA, a bid to create the "very best" Web sites has become a vehicle for reinventing a staid, risk-averse culture.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Bill Breen

  • Change Management Can Lead to Rigidity and Resistance to Change - Beware of formal organization improvement or "change management" plans. Like strategic plans, organization improvement or change management plans can reduce an organization's effectiveness. They can lead to rigidity, bureaucracy, and resistance to change.
    Publisher: Author: Jim Clemmer

  • Change Management Is an Attitude - Attitudes are caught, not taught. But how do you prepare work teams for unremitting change that affects their lives?
    Publisher: Author: Thomas W. McKee

  • Change Project Management - The Next Step - This article lays out the premise that change leadership goes beyond project management and requires additional skill sets.
    Publisher: Transition Management Advisors Author: Jim Canterucci

  • Collaboration ... Personal Power, not Position Power - In today's virtual organizations people increasingly work in teams made up of people from different departments and in many instances with people who are outside their companies. The challenge is to gain the cooperation of individuals you have no control.
    Publisher: Author: G.A.

  • Coming to Grips With Uncertainty - Business leaders describe the challenges that their companies are facing and how they will strive to meet those challenges in the year ahead.
    Publisher: Author: Various Authors

  • Conspiracy of Change - How do you overthrow a successful company? Intuit, one of the world's great software firms, was on the verge of losing its leadership position. Until it vowed to reinvent itself.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Pat Dillon

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