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  • Strategies for Managing Change - When the implementation of new human resources business processes and systems is added to the mix, the resulting effects upon employees can make any organization ask, “What’s the best way to manage this change?”
    Publisher: The Hunter Group     Author: Rebecca Hirschfield   

  • Taking Charge of Change - Accepting and acknowledging worth is the foundation of successful change. Trust is the centerpiece of successful change. "People don't resist change," Land says, "they resist being changed.
    Publisher:     Author: Shari Caudron   

  • ADKAR Change Management Model - White paper presenting the ADKAR model for change management with a focus on managing individual change
    Publisher: Prosci     Author: Jeff Hiatt   

  • Agents of Change - Real Change agents are not simply hell raisers-what it takes.
    Publisher: newsletter     Author: Catherine Perme   

  • Alliances: Learning to change - Companies pursue alliances for a variety of reasons: To reach new customers and access new technologies. To pool capital. To build scale. To share and reduce risk.
    Publisher: Accenture     Author: Nick Palmer   

  • Assessing Your Organization's Innovation Capabilities - The amount of information available to managers and the amount of work required to sort the important from the less important is increasing dramatically.
    Publisher: Leader to Leader     Author: Clayton M. Christensen   

  • Bob Darretta: Developing Financial Leaders at J&J - Johnson & Johnson’s VP of Finance and CFO is training members of the finance area to be the best business people they can be, not the best accountants. Those who become strategic business partners will help the company grow.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance     Author: Kathy Williams and James Hart   

  • Build a Culture of Value Creation - Value Based Management has become a popular goal, but implementation is often more problamatic. Chopp and Paglia provide specific steps and implementation tips for those companies that want to use this management framework to orient the company towards building long-term value.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report     Author: Steve Chopp and John Paglia   

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