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  • 9 Tips for Change Agents - Turner's role at XBS is that of 'chief change agent.' Here are her nine lessons for would-be change agents.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Nicholas Morgan

  • A Parable on Organization Change: Reducing Cycle Time with Large-Scale Technology - A review of our new direction will be held at 2:00 PM, in the executive conference room. Reflecting on the memo you wonder what it will be this year. In previous years the "new direction" has been total quality, then re engineering, then the team concept.
    Publisher: Center for Coaching & Mentoring, Inc Author: Matt M. Starcevich, Ph. D.

  • Best Practices in Change Management - 288 companies share lessons learned in change management in this 2003 benchmarking study.
    Publisher: Learning Center Publications Author: Prosci

  • Bob Knowling's Change Manual - If you're going to be a change agent, I think you come to a point where you no longer think of what you do as a change program.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Noel Tichy

  • Companies Are People, Too - Forget all the talk about corporate culture. It's time to analyze your company's personality. This diagnostic will help.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Anna Muoio

  • Culture - Are You Dancing with the Devil? - It's difficult to bring about fundamental change in organizations unless the culture supports the change or, at least, can be altered to support the new initiatives.
    Publisher: Anne Riches Author: Anne Riches

  • Embracing Change - Embrace change by focusing on a vision, choosing your outlook, seeking authenticity, committing yourself with discipline and continue to grow and develop.
    Publisher: The Clemmer Group Author: Jim Clemmer

  • Fed up With Change in Your Organization? - Whether you're a CEO or mail clerk, a factory worker or a vice president of HR, you -- like everyone else in Corporate America -- are undoubtedly familiar with Change Management.
    Publisher: Author: Editorial Team

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