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  • The E-Team - Companies are retooling their IT organizations to tackle an explosion of ebusiness opportunities.
    Publisher: Author: Scott Leibs

  • The Fad That Forgot People - Reengineering didn't start out as a code word for mindless bloodshed. It wasn't supposed to be the last gasp of Industrial Age management. I know because I was there from the beginning. I was one of the 'creators.'
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Thomas H. Davenport

  • The Hocus-Pocus of Reengineering - Naturally, reengineering is too good to be new. A contemporary repackaging of tried-and-true industrial engineering methods, this cure now is being administered in large doses to business enterprises that to survive must instantly show improved profits.
    Publisher: Strassmann, Inc. Author: Paul A. Strassmann

  • Twenty Key Elements of a Product Realization Process - The findings discussed here are clearly usable by anyone involved in product realization whose role includes the particular activity being discussed.
    Publisher: BPR Online Learning Center Author: Donovan G. Evans, Hugh R. MacKenzie, Christian Przirembel

  • What's the Problem - Helps the reader understand how to break down a business problem into its true component parts so that they can be directly addressed.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report Author: Stewart Fliege

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