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  • Enterprise Models - Anticipating Complexity - Business reengineering tends to employ process models as the primary vehicle for describing as-is and to-be views of the enterprise.
    Publisher: Reengineering Resource Center ††† Author: Michael Scofield†††

  • How I Reengineered a Small Business - Proving that you donít have to hire high-priced consultants to revive a struggling business, this controller helped automate a knitting company, jump-starting its ROI into a positive trend again.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance ††† Author: Richard H. Snyder†††

  • Managing the Reengineering-Incremental Improvement Paradox - Both process reengineering and incremental improvement are needed. How, when, and where each approach and combinations of both are used depends on the task to be performed. Like visions and goals, reengineering and incremental improvement is another and/also paradox to be managed.
    Publisher: ††† Author: Jim Clemmer†††

  • Managing Transformation in the New Economy - Virtually all of us in business today are facing major changes in our technologies, markets, employees, competitors, and customers. These changes are causing companies all over the world to re-think their operations and business models. As a result, many organizations need to re-create their operations from the ground up in order to compete.
    Publisher: KPMG ††† Author: KPMG†††

  • Planning for Business Process Reengineering (BPR) - Business Process Reengineering is a key component of the Federal government's rightsizing policy that is guiding the restructuring and reorganization of many Federal agencies, including the Department of Defense (DoD).
    Publisher: The Electronic College of Process Innovation ††† Author: Department of Defense†††

  • Reengineering Success Factors - More than half of early reengineering projects failed to be completed or did not achieve bottom-line business results, and for this reason business process reengineering "success factors" have become an important area of study.
    Publisher: BPR Online Learning Center ††† Author: ProSci†††

  • Selecting the Right Team for your Project - It is useful to think of your team structure in 3 levels: stakeholders, core team, and extended team.
    Publisher: BPR Online Learning Center ††† Author: ProSci†††

  • Supply Chain Re-Engineering; Concepts and Implementation - Successful supply chain reengineering requires an understanding of various disciplines, such as information technology and business process improvement, together with the ability to mobilize and motivate diverse corporate cultures.
    Publisher: ††† Author: Allan Gibson†††

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