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Internet and E-Commerce : Transactions and Security

  • Protection Money - The only thing worse than network security threats are business executives— including CIOs—who bury their heads in the sand.
    Publisher:     Author: Tom Field   

  • Ready for the Holidays? - The holidays could be a tough sell this year. Experts have been scrutinizing consumers' buying and spending with a view toward what's changed since September 11. Here's what they say you should do to get your site ready for the holidays.
    Publisher:     Author: Dana Blankenhorn   

  • Safe and Sound - Web Extra: Security threats to online operations come from many directions. Can you recognize where your company's vulnerabilities lie?
    Publisher:     Author: Elliot Borin   

  • Scared Straight - Worrying about the right threats makes you smart. Worrying about the wrong threats leaves you vulnerable. Security expert Robert Oatman wants to keep you scared straight.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Scott Kirsner   

  • Sealing Contracts With Digital Signatures - We take it for granted that the signature on the page uniquely and incontestably identifies the person who signed it. E-commerce, however, is changing the manner in which contracts are executed and is rapidly making ink a thing of the past.
    Publisher: E-commerce Times     Author: Kurt Olender   

  • Security: An E-Biz Asset - E-business pacesetters have to be open to customers and partners, but closed to intruders. Here are the different routes that four companies are taking.
    Publisher: Information Week     Author: Bob Violino and Amy K. Larsen   

  • Six components of a good e-commerce site - Many of your competitors are already doing business through the Internet. You read that yearly growth rate of e-commerce is over 25 percent. E-commerce segment for the businesses that sells to other businesses or B2B, as it is called, is escalating even in a better pace. Naturally, at one point, you too decide that you need to have a piece of this action! But, what are the main characteristics of a good e-commerce site that you must consider even before you build one?
    Publisher:     Author: Nowshade Kabir   

  • Test Your Defenses - It isn't easy to bare your network to strangers. But Darwin underwent a nail-biting security audit to show you what's involved.
    Publisher:     Author: Daintry Duffy   

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