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Internet and E-Commerce : Transactions and Security

  • Fear of the Black Hats - Increasingly, companies are hiring hackers to test their network firewalls. This may not be such a good idea.
    Publisher:     Author: Karen J. Bannan   

  • Hijackers lay traps for errant e-mails - More and more rivals are setting up copy-cat sites to snag misdirected e-mails.
    Publisher: ZDNet News Technology Now     Author: Michael Moss   

  • Hope for the Holidays - To avoid last year’s dot-com debacle, e-tailers scramble to bolster their back ends.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Alan T. Saracevic   

  • How the New E-Sign Act Will Affect E-Commerce - This new law recognizes the validity of contracts in electronic form and could have a profound effect on e-commerce.
    Publisher:     Author: Alston & Bird LLP   

  • Insider Threats to E-Security - Outside attacks by hackers certainly can disrupt a company's business, but even greater threats to security are often created by insiders, that is, a company's own employees.
    Publisher:     Author: Andrew Handelsmann   

  • Is SSL Enough For B2B Transactions? - Secure connections only partially secure transactions and SSL only secures the connection to the Web server.
    Publisher: E-commerce Times     Author: Mike Rothman   

  • Meet the Hackers - Not all hackers are bad guys. But understanding what motivates them can make you less vulnerable to an attack.
    Publisher:     Author: Daintry Duffy   

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