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  • Accepting Credit Cards on the Internet: A Basic Guide - On the Internet, merchants use payment application software to accept and process credit cards on their Web sites versus the retail model where merchants use the familiar swipe terminals.
    Publisher:     Author: Jason Klemow   

  • America's Top Cybercop - Jodie Bernstein patrols the Web for the Federal Trade Commission, looking for swindlers and snake-oil salesmen. At 74, she's part John Wayne, part Jessica Tandy -- and all business.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Daniel H. Pink   

  • Awareness and challenges of Internet security - With virus plagues and cyber terrorist attacks on the increase, what steps do you need to take to safeguard your systems?
    Publisher:     Author: Steve Hawkins, David C. Yen, and David C. Chou   

  • Checkout, Clean and Simple - Getting your customers to move from shopping cart to purchase requires streamlining the process and making it simple to grab and keep customers.
    Publisher:     Author: Kelly Mooney   

  • Coping with Home Network Security Threats - Up-to-date anti-virus software will protect against viruses, worms, and Trojan Horses that the anti-virus software providers have identified and neutered.
    Publisher: Network Magazine     Author: Steve Steinke   

  • Cyber Checkout - Learn the current Internet billing standards and read how to identify the online billing option that will be successful for your company.
    Publisher:     Author: Darryl Dobin   

  • Desirable Undesirables - The Ghetto Hackers play the computer-security boom for all it's worth.(That means more than money.)
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Brendan I. Koerner   

  • Don't Let the Web Bugs Bite - Disreputable sites are installing small files in users’ hard drives to track their surfing habits. Here’s how they work and one precaution you can take.
    Publisher:     Author: Mike Banks Valentine   

  • Don't Press the Panic Button - You've just been hacked. Now what? Here's how to avoid resorting to panic mode.
    Publisher:     Author: Daintry Duffy   

  • E-Commerce Development - E-commerce and IT executives discuss the ways and means of aligning fast-forward online initiatives with pause-and-play IT integration.
    Publisher:     Author: Richard Pastore   

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