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Internet and E-Commerce : Strategies and Models

  • Business Models on the Web - Business models are perhaps the most discussed and least understood aspect of the web.
    Publisher: E-Commerce Learning Center Author: Michael Rappa

  • Creating a Business Model for E-Commerce - Companies are using e-commerce to raise the level of service to their customers. But without a sound business model e-commerce can also derail an enterprise.
    Publisher: CIO Magazine Author: CIO Magazine

  • E-Business: What's The Model? - While the Internet clock ticks, many companies still struggle to find the best strategy.
    Publisher: Information Week Author: Clinton Wilder

  • (Re) Writing Code - Senior executives who want to transform their organization can't focus only on strategy or structure. Ultimately, they need to rescue their company's data from digital oblivion.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Rekha Balu

  • A Look at Online Auctions - Online auctions, their history, the problems they face, payment systems, business models, etc, and how to find out more about them.
    Publisher: Free Pint Author: Ina Steiner

  • A Taxonomy of Internet Commerce - This paper attempts to clarify terminology discussing the interface between commerce and the Internet.
    Publisher: Author: Paul Bambury

  • All the News That's Fit to Blog - Say good-bye to the old-school pundits on the op-ed page of the New York Times. It's time to blog.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: John Ellis

  • An e-Business Model Ontology for Modeling e-Business - Executives and academics should consider thinking about a rigorous approach to e-business models. This would help companies understand, communicate and share, change, measure, simulate and learn more about the different aspects of e-business in their firm.
    Publisher: Bled Electronic Commerce Conference Author: Alexander Osterwalder

  • An Interview with Richard Hoy, President of - Andy Bourland interviews Richard Hoy, President of This interview should be quite valuable for those who are looking to monetize their content through the sales of ebooks and reports.
    Publisher: Author: Andy Bourland

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