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  • The Internet Brain Drain - The Exodus: It's not just the kids anymore. Corporations are losing some of their brightest stars to Net companies. How big business is beginning to fight back.
    Publisher:     Author: Daniel McGinn   

  • To recruit new talent, head back to school - The future’s so dazzling for tech students, they've got to wear shades! Here’s a look at effective college recruiting in this day and age.
    Publisher: Datamation     Author: Jeff Daniel   

  • Tools and Techniques for Mining Resumes from the Internet - There are many tools that can help you mine resumes from the Internet: intelligent agents, bots, spiders, and crawlers, as well as techniques that will enable you to mine resumes or identify potential candidates from the Internet.
    Publisher: Galileo Consulting     Author: Diane M. Propsner   

  • Wheel of Misfortune? - Everyone's looking for a chance to strike it rich by jumping to an internet startup. But knowing which opportunity is the right one is not easy.
    Publisher: CIO Magazine     Author: Stewart Deck   

  • Why Recruit On-line? - In today's competitive employment marketplace forward thinking companies are looking to hire high quality people, quickly and cost effectively.
    Publisher: Galileo Consulting     Author: Diane M. Propsner   

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