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  • A Hire Cause - Your company walks out the door every night. New software helps make sure it'll return.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Sean Donahue   

  • Age Discrimination Law for High-Tech Companies - The Age Discrimination in Employment Act ("ADEA") makes it illegal for some employers to make certain hiring and firing decisions based on an individual's age.
    Publisher:     Author: Douglas M. Towns   

  • Are You a Bad Boss? - Your best people are flying out the door left and right. Blame it on the internet startup down the street, but maybe your're the problem.
    Publisher: CIO Magazine     Author: Polly Schneider   

  • Dotcom to Notcom - You've heard about all those execs leaving big companies for dotcom startups. But for some, the return trip has been more rewarding.
    Publisher:     Author: Sari Kalin   

  • Have Friends, Will Hire - Recruiting in Silicon Valley is brutal. Desperation smells like suntan lotion.
    Publisher: Forbes Magazine     Author: Erika Brown   

  • Help Wanted (And How) - IT staff shortages are proving laborious for all concerned. Here's what you need to know about contract workers, "farm teams," and retaining the workers you have.
    Publisher:     Author: Scott Leibs   

  • How to Hire Great People at Web Speed - The speed-hiring team at Vignette Corp. wants to close on at least 25% of its hires within 48 hours -- and cut its turnover rate to 1%.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Debra Hunter   

  • How to Hire the Best Web Developers - You’ve finally got the approval for the big, cool Web project you’ve been pushing for over the last year, and now all you need is to hire some great Web developers who can write HTML and Java and get the site up and keep it running.
    Publisher: Web Developers Journal     Author: Bruce Morris   

  • How to Play the Talent Game - Colleen Aylward recruits talent for some of the hottest Internet companies around. If you want to win the best people, she says, you've got to understand the new rules of dotcom hiring.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Anna Muoio   

  • Lonely At the Top - The great CEO talent hunt goes manic, as ideas for great Net companies far exceed the business talent to execute them.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Mark Halper   

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