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  • Rewriting the Letter of Credit - Online commerce cries out for a new take on an old economy tool. Letters of credit are being transformed into digital documents stored on Web sites, and new electronic alternatives are preserving the benefits of L/Cs in a form that is simpler and paperless.
    Publisher:     Author: Richard H. Gamble   

  • Rushing Toward Holiday 2000 - As the 2000 end-of-year holiday season looms on the horizon, e-tailers find themselves facing the largest online shopping rush ever.
    Publisher: eCRM Magazine     Author: George Lawton   

  • Shipping via the US Postal Service - Reviews some of the US Postal Service (USPS) offerings attractive for Web merchant order fulfillment, including Priority Mail, Delivery Confirmation, Global Priority Mail, Merchandise Return Service, and the USPS Web Developer's ToolKit.
    Publisher:     Author: Dr. Ralph F. Wilson   

  • Tackling E-Fulfillment - Achieving the “perfect order” involves looking at every stop along the way to the consumer. Here’s what it takes.
    Publisher:     Author: Harvey Rickles   

  • The Buck Starts Here - Ask the right questions now about your e-commerce infrastructure and save your company some hard lessons later.
    Publisher:     Author: Christopher Lindquist   

  • The Case of the Abandoned Shopping Carts - Dot-coms are spending huge chunks of money to get traffic to their site, and hopefully induce visitors to buy -- only to find that a significant portion abandon their shopping carts before the purchasing process is completed.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Nach Maravilla   

  • The Cost Of Downtime - Web site downtime and performance problems aren't just an IT nuisance. Companies are learning firsthand that they can hammer sales, deflate stock prices and ultimately damage their brands.
    Publisher: Internet Week     Author: Tim Wilson   

  • The E-Logistics Problem - Using barcodes, scanners, networks, and new warehouse designs, e-logistics moves more stuff from factory to customer cheaper and faster than ever before. Dana explains the importance of Webvan and Kozmo, two e-logistics companies trying to extend the revolution to its last mile.
    Publisher:     Author: Dana Blankenhorn   

  • The Logistics Of E-Business - Web Commerce Demands New Approach To Inventory, Shipping.
    Publisher: Internet Week     Author: Richard Karpinski   

  • The Shipping News - Is your company dreaming of e-sales? Better get a grip on warehousing and fulfillment.
    Publisher:     Author: Bronwyn Fryer   

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