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  • Fulfilling Expectations - The real test of E-commerce this holiday season will be integration with back-end fulfillment systems.
    Publisher: Planet IT Author: Alorie Gilbert

  • Fulfilling the Promise of E-Business - Partners share knowledge to expedite order fulfillment and fatten their bottom lines.
    Publisher: Knowledge Management Magazine Author: Dawne Shand

  • Holiday Harvest - In the do-or-die world of on-time holiday gift delivery, eHobbies gets the train under the tree.
    Publisher: eCRM Magazine Author: Julie Gaeta

  • How It Works - Still in the dark about how to generate, execute, and fulfill ecommerce transactions? Read on.
    Publisher: Business 2.0 Author: Jeffrey Davis

  • How to Protect Your Online Business from Credit Card Fraud - If you are accepting credit card payments on your site, beware of the rising incidence of credit card frauds. Learn the ways you can safeguard your online business from fraudulent credit card payments.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides Author: Steve Ma. Reyna

  • Never Stop the Buying - Do customers get tired of shopping after 5? After midnight? Your success depends on being there whenever they want you to be. Here's how to do it.
    Publisher: Author: John Sviokla

  • Order Tracking: Slick and Easy - Just about every shopping cart software package out there generates an email receipt that it sends to a customer after a sale is complete. You should be able to configure the shopping cart to send you a copy of this receipt, too.
    Publisher: Author: Richard Hoy

  • Rage Against the Machine - Why should finance managers monitor ecommerce fulfillment? Ask an angry customer.
    Publisher: Author: Lauren Gibbons Paul

  • Red Flags For e-Fraud - Credit card fraud is the number one problem in e-commerce. Learn the 10 tell-tale signs of a fraudulent order and 5 ways to make sure that the orders you process are the real deal.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides Author: Steve Ma. Reyna

  • Redefining Procurement through Electronic Commerce - It is no secret that organizations are looking to the Internet to fulfill their procurement needs. What is less well understood is how channel affects the procurement function itself.
    Publisher: Author: Christopher Sprague

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