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  • Are You Ready for e-Procurement? - You can become more efficient and reap huge savings by connecting with your customers and suppliers electronically.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance Author: Jeremy Roche

  • Borderline Savings - Big money is lost every day while trucks sit idle at international crossings, waiting for paperwork clearance. A new technology hopes to streamline the process.
    Publisher: Business 2.0 Author: Kevin Hogan

  • Built To Scale - The face of large electronic-commerce Web sites is deceptively simple. The friendly Web pages of bookseller Amazon. com or PC retailer Dell Online hide the fact that huge, pulsating server farms with...
    Publisher: Information Week Author: Jason Levitt

  • Complex Commerce - E-commerce isn't quite so elementary for most companies. What if you sell a product that requires configuration or carries such a hefty price tag that buyers need some handholding before they commit?
    Publisher: CIO WebBusiness Author: Scott Kirsner

  • Delivering The Goods - Your Web site gets tons of orders, but how do you fill them? Don't go it alone--outsourcing makes fulfillment and distribution simpler and more efficient.
    Publisher: Author: Melissa Campanelli

  • Designing and Packaging Products for E-Business - The ability to package and build offerings to be marketed, sold and serviced through online channels will be a critical factor in determining the winners and losers in the new economy.
    Publisher: Author: Rick Bruner

  • E-fulfillment: Go There - The shift to e-business has brought with it a new expectation: e-fulfillment.
    Publisher: Author: Barry Silverstein

  • Establishing a Merchant Account for Your Web Business - Many online businesses have had difficulty establishing a "merchant account" - a special type of bank account that holds the proceeds from credit card transactions.
    Publisher: E-Commerce Times Author: David Johnson

  • Find an Internet Drop Shipper - Finding a drop shipper for your Web site is a matter of doing your homework. Chris Malta talks you through it.
    Publisher: Author: Chris Malta

  • Following Orders - Success in e-commerce requires a finely tuned order fulfillment system. Getting the goods to customers quickly and painlessly requires smooth business processes.
    Publisher: Author: Samuel Greengard

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